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Building Delightful Products Through Collaboration

Welcome to, where passion for beauty, inspiration, and an active lifestyle converge. Over a decade ago, fueled by a burning desire to discover beauty in the lives of others, we set out on a mission to bring that vision to life. Through the realms of food, design, and the joy of gathering friends around a table, we strive to create your ultimate happy place.

At, our dedicated team of editors leads the way, sharing daily content designed to ignite inspiration and empower you to pursue the life of your dreams. We take pride in fostering a vibrant and growing community, reaching over 50 million monthly impressions across our website and social media platforms.

As a mom of two, I intimately understand the ongoing pursuit of balance and the quest for a more joyful and present life. These guiding principles underpin everything we do. And of course, in the midst of it all, my love for the perfect pizza and a good night’s sleep is never far from the spotlight.

While our virtual home resides in sunny Austin, Texas for most of the year, there’s magic in the call of the ocean that draws us to our 1950s beach house in Malibu. Currently undergoing renovation, it’s a space where we can truly unwind and recharge, finding inspiration in the calming waves and sandy shores.

Let’s take a step back in time, to the year 2009 when my husband and I resided in a humble bungalow. Little did we know that its basement would become the makeshift headquarters for my newly launched event planning company. Despite my background in journalism and aspirations to be a magazine editor, I discovered my true passion for event planning during my early post-college years. It was a dream job that seamlessly combined my love for cooking, design, and the joy of bringing people together.

However, a yearning for creative expression urged me to start a blog, just for fun, where I could share my inspiration and entertaining tips. In those pre-influencer, pre-social media days, little did I realize that my blog would become the epicenter of my career for the next 12 years. The pure joy of creating content and building a community around it drove me forward.

Reflecting on this incredible journey, it’s sometimes surreal to embrace the fact that I now hold the role of the editor-in-chief I once aspired to be. However, instead of being confined to a corner office in heels, you’ll often find me in sweatpants, immersed in the creative chaos of my kitchen, balancing school drop-offs and pickups.

What truly fuels me, aside from my beloved oat milk lattes, is my unwavering passion for inspiring YOU to live the life of your dreams. I want to remind you that a beautiful home, delicious food, and the joy of gathering with loved ones are not unattainable goals. They are within your grasp, regardless of your location or budget.

I am thrilled that you have discovered our online home. You are warmly welcomed to bring your imperfect and amazing self, settle in, and embrace a daily dose of inspiration as you embark on the journey towards creating your most beautiful life. And remember, don’t forget to extend the invitation to your friends as well.

Together, let us embark on this remarkable adventure at, where inspiration, motivation, and the pursuit of an active and vibrant life come alive. Welcome to a world where dreams are nurtured, possibilities are endless, and every step brings you closer to a life you truly love.


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